I've tried blogging before. Unfortunately my initial enthusiasm and my willingness to persevere in the long term appear to be in an inverse relationship. The internet is littered with my previous abortive attempts to illuminate this world with my peerless prose and this iteration may, or may not, suffer the same fate.

What I do know is that, as I expand my photography to encompass different genres and different media I sometimes find that I want to do more than just post the results to a gallery and to social media. Sometimes I want to explain what I was doing, what I was doing it with, why I was doing it... maybe photographs should always speak for themselves, but if they did a lot of people would suddenly find themselves without jobs - and we can't have that, can we.

So the texts that appear in this part of my website will constitute my small offering to the general online conversation about photography, art and business.

Photography is a unique blend of art, technology and craft. It can satisfy the gadget geek that lurks within many of us, while we can hone our craft skills in development, post-processing, printing, framing - endless variations - to ultimately create an artefact that conforms to our artistic vision. This medium should - and does - create limitless possibilities for writing and that will be the aim of these pages.

If you're joining me for this ride - welcome.

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